QacQoc GN30H USB C-Hub Reviews

QacQoc GN30H USB C-Hub

A copy of a USB-C hub is currently on my desk. These are growing in popularity, the USB-C interface is still in the coming. Not only with Apple, but also with many other manufacturers – and new smartphones also rely on it. In the case of notebooks, they are often only able to have USB-C at the start, or to avoid interfaces for reasons of compactness. Prominent victims are the RJ45 interface in the past or the card reader as well.

Either you make friends with the fact that you have to handle wirelessly – or you buy an adapter or several. So far I have always come without it, only old USB devices arrive via adapter on USB-C to the notebook. Handed me completely. Now the mentioned USB-C-hub was in a body-aluminium enclosure in front of me.

As a manufacturer, Egologgo is responsible, who have certainly not planned internationalization of the type designation QacQoc, otherwise one would not come up with this name. Names are, however, known to be sound and smoke, therefore. What does the approximately 60 grams of heavy lifting do? This is on board:

  • 1x Type C Charging Connection
  • 1x HDMI Port
  • 1x Gigabit LAN
  • 1x SD Card Reader
  • 1x Micro SD card Reader
  • 3x USB 3.0 Port

There’s almost everything you need if you want to give yourself Konnektiv – despite the USB-C connection to your notebook or smartphone. So I tried. No rocket science: Connect via USB-C to the MacBook and then various devices connected. USB stick, SD card, microSD card (also MicroSDXC), USB and, of course, occasionally to the LAN cable of the router. It all worked perfectly.

I also look at other people’s reviews and am glad I didn’t have the occasional problems mentioned in reviews. Here, some users said that when using the hub occasionally the connected devices were disconnected.

This would, of course, be extremely bad, for example, if you move large amounts of data to an external disk anyway. No problems with this. And this also worked fast enough. Wasn’t a big difference if I connected my USB 3.0. Hard drive directly to the imac or via the hub on the MacBook Pro. Were in three benchmarks about 4 MB/s writing difference (around 100/100 MB/s). Therefore, this was definitely the case and the other ports did not make an exception.

What is good: if you have only a few connections, you can loop through the charging connection. So charge the device and still use the hub. What I noticed, whether at the charging port or not: The hub is already warm. Not hot, but warm. I want to know mentioned.

After trying the normal interfaces, HDMI was still on. Nothing I would need personally, since I am almost exclusively wireless, but for the assessment I had to test the whole thing naturally. So let’s play a movie about the book on a TV. was also not a problem, but in terms of resolution one should note: 4k are supported at 30 Hz, while you can use FullHD 1080p at 60 Hz. And something else: Of course, it’s not only possible to mirror the monitor, you can also connect your device to a monitor or TV via the hub to expand the monitor. So you can make a Big Mac via an HDMI whip from the small MacBook.

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