What is the Rate for an Affordable Plumber in 2020?

Rate for an Affordable Plumber in 2020

The answer to this question may not be as obvious as it may seem at first. Consider for a second, are we talking about a commercial plumber, a residential plumber or a construction plumber?

Each of these specialist trades share similarities in skill set although differ in direction of application and the type of jobs undertaken. In addition to this, the cost of the materials used will vary as the size and scale of the plumbing jobs increase. Not only do plumbers repair and replace broken pipes and taps, but installing entirely new plumbing systems is not uncommon.

Affordable Plumbers in Sandton

Regardless of which type of plumber you’re looking for, cost is always one of the more important factors to consider when looking for an affordable plumber that won’t sacrifice on quality. Our preferred plumbing company, The Plumbers In Johannesburg offer a wide variety of plumbing services at affordable rates. Large companies often manage a team of well trained plumbers which enable the company to respond to multiple areas around Johannesburg, from Sandton to the South, in a matter of minutes which can often help reduce call out fee’s.

What is the Cost of Hiring a Plumber in Johannesburg?

The cost of hiring a plumber in Johannesburg varies by company, the number of hours the plumbing job will require, and the amount of hands on labour needed for the job. Plumbing rates can differ based on your location in South Africa and even within Johannesburg. To give a general idea, residential plumbers would charge somewhere between R385 – R750 per hour of labour. The average plumbing rate per hour is about R567.50.

What will this cover?

While these fees are the average hourly rate across different companies and skill levels, these costs usually do not cover special supplies and tools that a plumber might need in order to fully service your plumbing problem. Customers who have plumbing disasters on their hands might find themself in a situation where a job can take more than a day or two. In these specialised jobs, customers can expect to apy on the higher side of the price spectrum. Generally these fees cover:

  • Service call out
  • An hour of labour
  • Minor parts repairs and replacement

However, for specialist labour and parts one may expect to pay around R700 per hour of labour. In addition, if you find yourself in an emergency plumbing situation, fast response or late night calls are generally priced at a premium. For large work areas that require a team of plumbers, each plumber may have a separate hourly rate based on his qualifications. Your plumbing company will be able to offer customised billing and quotations where the size of the workforce needed is considerable.

Plumbing related issues can cause terrible chaos and disaster  in both your home, your life, and your bank account. This makes it essential that you have plumbing problems resolved as soon as possible to prevent further damage.Performing the correct maintenance over the right period will help in the long run to reduce plumbing issues and the required maintenance and repair of any plumbing issue.

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