5 Reasons Why You Should Follow a Keto Diet

Reasons Why You Should Follow a Keto Diet

The Ketogenic lifestyle, or keto for short, has become one of the most popular lifestyle transitions that many people across the world have undergone. The Keto lifestyle involves a low carb, high fat diet that offers numerous benefits while removing “dirty” foods such as fried foods from the diet.

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Why Should You consider following a Keto Lifestyle?

It helps to reduce depression and anxiety

Keto has been hailed an “anti-anxiety diet”, especially for beginners. This is attributed to Keto foods being scientifically proven to stabilise moods and act as a supplementary treatment or in some cases even an alternative to some medications. The state of nutritional ketosis can help stabilise mood while balancing energy levels by regulating blood sugar levels.

Keto helps to balance hormones

The Keto lifestyle is achieved by replacing carbohydrate derived fuels with healthy fat which then becomes the basic fuel for bodily functions.  This metabolic shift has been shown to tone reproductive glands, resulting in the secretion of hormones such as oestrogen which is stored as body fat. The Keto diet is often credited for being one of the most helpful tools in promoting fertility due in large to the improved regulation of blood sugar levels while improving insulin sensitivity and supporting the balance associated with LH (Luteinizing Hormone) to FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone).  LH is an important hormone for regulating the functioning of testes in men and ovaries in women whereas a lack in FHS can cause infertility or subfertility.

Ketogenic DietKeto helps to increase and provide sustained energy levels

Another reason why you should consider following a Keto Diet is that it increases energy levels while reducing the slumps and shift in energy that occur when consuming carbohydrates due to improved blood sugar control.

When fat is consumed, the body typically reaches the stored fats in the body, meaning that humans can survive longer time spans without eating. People tend to eat more when they follow a diet high in carbohydrates while those on a Keto diet eat less and have increased energy.  The keto lifestyle can also promote fasting or intermittent fasting which has a range of benefits.

Keto helps to burn stubborn body fat

The Keto diet has shown weight loss or weight control benefits.  This may be due to the body being able to burn fat faster than other eating plans or diets. When comparing Keto-friendly foods to other diets, when followed correctly, the Keto lifestyle has shown remarkable changes in weight and the fat percentage in the body.  These benefits may be visible in individuals within weeks of starting a Keto plan.  It is important to “clean” up your diet and increase nutrient dense foods in order to achieve these results. Keto lifestyles also promote periodic fasting such as intermittent fasting or more prolonged fasts in order to promote the generation of energy from stored fat in the body.  The keto lifestyle effectively trains the body to change its energy source, which has shown improved fasting routines.

Keto can be done anywhere

With the dynamic shift globally to more healthier ways of living, people can follow a Keto lifestyle without much hassle, just give it a try; there is so much support out there to help with easing the transition. Eating out in a restaurant is easier as many cater for Keto-friendly options, or “banting” options as it has become known in South Africa, and a variety of grocers also stock a range of Keto-friendly food options.

Give it a try, and check out our products that can ease the transition and support your nutrition.

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