How Technology Has Changed Our Daily Routines

How Technology Has Changed Our Daily Routines

Technology has revolutionised our lives. It has produced innovative tools that we now use for everyday tasks. One of the most useful and valuable tools is the smartphone. Today, we use our phones for everything, from doing business to shopping online.

But besides day-to-day tasks, most smartphones are programmed to perform a variety of other interesting functions. With smartphones, you can also download thousands of apps that can be used to do anything from tracking your fitness levels to keeping your vehicle safe with a vehicle recovery app.

Let’s take a look at how some innovative technology, and specifically, smartphones, has brought convenience into our lives:

Five Tasks Made Simple With Smartphone Technology

  • It Can Measure Your Vitals

Being healthy has never been so easy. There are several apps you can use to measure and track your most essential vitals. From keeping an eye on your heart rate to monitoring your sleep patterns, with the right app, you can easily invest in your general health and well-being.

  • You Can Stream Your Favourite TV Shows And Movies

Want to watch your favourite series and movies on a bigger screen? With the use of your smartphone, a USB cable, or a streaming device such as a Google Chromecast, you can conveniently watch everything on your TV.

  • Control Your Lights

If you want to make your home safer and more well-lit, you can do it with Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs and Amazon’s Alexa app. With these tools, you can control lights throughout your home or business at the simple touch of a button. This will save you time, effort and energy while keeping your home protected.

  • Check Battery Levels

Is your TV remote not working? To check if it is the battery, you can simply point your remote at the front-facing camera of your smartphone and press any button. If the infrared light from the remote is visible on the screen, the batteries are still working. If you cannot see it, the problem may be flat batteries.

  • It Can Keep You Safe

There are several apps available for both iPhones and Android devices that allow you to send invitations to contacts to track your location. You can also set a timer that will trigger a call to one of your contacts if you haven’t made it to your destination in a specific time frame. These apps are designed to keep you safe while on the go.

  • It Can Secure Your Vehicle

With a vehicle tracker, it is now easier than ever to have peace of mind about your vehicle’s security. And in the unfortunate event that you need to report a stolen vehicle, there is an app for that too! The Beame Smartphone App offers you a super simple and affordable stolen car recovery solution. This vehicle recovery app also allows you to monitor the battery level of your Beame device, request your insurance certificate, and sign up for a range of assisted services.

Experience More With Innovative Technology

Technology is booming and, for the most part, it has made our lives simpler and more convenient. With new and innovative devices, your smartphone, and apps that suit your lifestyle, you can save yourself valuable time and effort.

If you’re ready to keep your vehicle safe easily and affordably, you can read more about Beame. Beame is all about bringing you simplicity. From our easy-to-use online purchasing process to quick installations, at Beame, we go out of our way to provide you with an effective stolen car recovery solution.

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