5 Tips to Find Reliable Construction Companies in Gauteng

Tips to Find Reliable Construction Companies in Gauteng

Are you looking for construction companies in Gauteng? Finding the right company can be a challenge, but there are several things you can do to simplify your search. From researching online and asking for references, to considering certifications and qualifications, this article will provide you with five tips to help you find reliable and reputable construction companies in Gauteng.

Explore their website & social profiles

Before you hire a construction company, take the time to explore their website and social profiles. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of their style and capabilities. Check for customer reviews or testimonials on their pages as an additional sign of reliability. Additionally, companies who are active on social media are more likely to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries.

Research the main contractor

The contractor usually runs the construction process and they more than likely own the construction company. It is important to research their qualifications and years of experience before deciding to work with their team. It is as easy as searching for their name on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. LinkedIn will show you where they studied, who they worked for and for how long.

Don’t be too area specific

If you live in Centurion, don’t hesitate to look for construction companies in Pretoria or other surrounding areas. Contractors are mostly more than willing to travel a bit for a job because they know that a client might need their specific specialities. Experienced project managers will be able to source building materials close to your area to save on building costs.

Speak to previous clients

Talking to references and previous clients is a great way to learn more about the company’s reliability. Ask them questions such as, “Were they easy to work with? Did they complete the project on time?” Be sure to ask questions that will help you determine whether the team is trustworthy and has a history of completing projects satisfactorily.

Check their industry certifications

Before you commit to any company, it’s essential to check whether or not they have the relevant industry certifications and accreditations. These demonstrate that a firm has met certain standards in their field as set by governing bodies such as the South African Building Council and the National Home Builders Registration Council. Most local residential construction companies in who is worth it will have a NHBC registered contractor on their team. Make sure to enquire with any potential contractors about these qualifications before proceeding with negotiations.

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