Turn Your Attention To Your Floors

Turn Your Attention To Your Floors

Redecorating can be invigorating, as you choose the paint colours, furniture and lighting. But now it’s time to turn your attention to your floors. The unsung hero in any room, your rug choice can make or break your design, and can set the mood for the entire room! Here are some insights from the Rug Warehouse team – a team that has brought exciting new ranges of rugs to the South African market via their online store.

  • If your furnishings are of a neutral tone and your room needs a pop of colour, or somewhat of a statement piece, then choose a riotous rug. Their bold colours and loud patterns are just what you need! You can achieve this, whilst keeping the style sophisticated, with a rug from their Pasto collection, or for something more fun, their Cypress collection.
  • Need to add some personality to your room? Then choose a graphic rug from their Mohair Shaggy or Mystique ranges. Designed to complement your existing decor, these rugs exude bold patterns that can add both depth and texture to your room.

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  • Simple elegance never goes out of style, and luckily Rug Warehouse have a host of rugs that will blend effortlessly into your room to create the perfect finishing touch. The rugs on offer in their Tundra, Arcus or Contrail ranges, whilst simple in their designs, will add a sophisticated feel to your space.
  • Making your room appear larger is easier than you think by simply adding the right rug. Striped rugs are your best bet, such as something from their Essenza or Patio Grace collections, as they create the illusion of linear space. Remember though that the stripes must run perpendicular to the long walls of the room for this to work!
  • Beautiful and fashionable, Vintage rugs, with their exquisite patterns and colours, will always be on trend. But you don’t necessarily have to purchase a Persian rug to achieve this design effect, as you can choose a rug from Rug Warehouse’s Sultan or Earth collections, both of which offer timeless, distressed looks that will bring a vintage touch to your décor.
  • Geometric rugs are all the rage, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re truly timeless and versatile with their patterns, shapes, bold designs and charismatic features; they’re the perfect stylish statement to complete your room. You’ll find a host of options to choose from in the Canis or Nimbo collections, on the Rug Warehouse website, which will give you that geometric design you’ve been looking for.
  • Whether you’re trying to achieve a glamourous or a minimalistic look, a black and white or monochromatic rug is the key ingredient for this look. The monochromatic colour provides strong visual cohesion, and exudes a chic and elegant vibe. That doesn’t mean you have to go all in on black and white only though, as you can have accents of black and white, combined with softer tones if you wish.

For all your rug needs, and to have the convenience of having your rug delivered to your door, visit Rug Warehouse and browse their extensive range of incredible rugs. It will make your redecorating project your best yet!

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