Unfortunate Update on N1 Sinkhole

Unfortunate Update on N1 Sinkhole

The N1 sinkhole in Centurion, Gauteng, is expected to be fully repaired within ⁣two years. The sinkhole appeared in‌ January 2021 due to⁣ heavy rain and​ flooding in the area. As a safety measure, the emergency and two left lanes of the N1 southbound were closed, allowing for initial steps in the rehabilitation process. ‌Gravity ‌survey testing was ⁣conducted to determine‌ the size of the sinkhole, ‍and temporary repairs were made.

The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) announced‌ that the project has⁣ been ⁢awarded‌ to Jodan Construction‍ (Pty) Ltd, and the‌ rehabilitation officially ‌began on July 11, 2023. The estimated completion time for the project is nine months. ⁢While Jodan ‌Construction has several major roadworks projects listed on their website, it has not been updated since July 2020.

Sanral ‌has warned​ motorists to expect disruptions during the‍ initial phase of the work, including lane ⁣reconfiguration and temporary traffic barriers. However, some lanes will remain open to traffic​ throughout the‌ project. The section’s proximity to an off-ramp from the ⁣R21 Flying ‌Saucer Interchange has ⁢caused regular traffic pile-ups.

Sanral ​Northern Region⁤ Regional Manager Progress Hlahla advised motorists‍ to⁢ be patient and⁢ plan‍ their trips accordingly. Alternative routes should be considered to avoid congestion. The cost of the repairs has not been disclosed by Sanral, but they have collaborated with the Council for Geosciences⁢ (CGS) ​to fix the ‌sinkhole.

Sinkholes are not uncommon in South Africa, particularly in areas with ⁣dolomitic rock formations‌ like ⁣Gauteng. The complexity of the geological profile and the affected infrastructure will determine the duration and cost of the remedial ⁢work. CGS stated that the⁤ extent⁣ of the area requiring repairs and the importance of the affected infrastructure are factors in determining the ‍cost.

Overall, the repair ⁣process for the N1 sinkhole is underway, and motorists are‍ advised to plan ⁢their journeys ‌accordingly and consider alternative routes to​ minimize disruptions.

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