Why Should You Invest In A Solar Conversion Kit?

Why Should You Invest In A Solar Conversion Kit


The move towards becoming more sustainable and heading towards a greener future is one that is becoming more popular and prominent in thousands of households. LiveStainable offers the perfect directory to obtaining a variety of products and services that can help households in functioning more sustainably.

One aspect of sustainable living stands out and is drawing a significant amount of attention in recent times, solar power along with solar conversion kits.

What are solar conversion kits and how do they work?

A solar conversion kit is an additional device or a solar panel which can be connected to existing home inverters. When this is done, the system is converted into a hybrid form and by converting a normal inverter, solar panels can be connected, and solar energy can subsequently be used during the day for normal daily use.

An important aspect of solar conversion kits is that they introduce two new parts to an existing inverter system, namely the PV modules and the solar converter. Solar PV modules are installed onto the roof of the household at a fixed tilt, typically facing a southern direction.

The energy which is generated is delivered to the solar converter located near the inverter and the battery bank. When the rays of the sun fall on the solar panels, DC electricity is generated, reaching the batteries via the solar converter, subsequently charging these batteries.

When the batteries are fully charged, the solar converter protects them from overcharging. This is done by intelligently disconnecting the solar power. In addition, it also safeguards solar panels by preventing the flow of current in reverse direction from the batteries back to the solar panels at night.

Why should you invest in a solar conversion kit?

There are numerous benefits in converting your normal inverter into a solar hybrid converter. Apart from being a part of the large movement towards a more sustainable future, you will also pay less on electricity within a few months, ensuring that the conversion kit pays for itself.

With a hybrid solar inverter, you can handle severe power cuts of up to 15 hours a day effortlessly. However, it is imperative to install the correct ratio of solar panels according to the household’s daily usage pattern.

In addition to obvious benefits, ensuring that a conversion kit is applied will also ensure that batteries are not overcharged as the system disconnects the solar power once the batteries are fully charged.

It also safeguards your solar panels by preventing that energy flows from the batteries back towards the solar panels at night when there is not inflow of energy.

Ultimately, investing in a solar conversion kit will help you go off the grid and be less reliant on the provision of power from utilities such as Eskom in addition to ensuring that you can sustain power to your household for extended periods.

There are numerous suppliers, distributors, and installers within South Africa that can be found on the LiveStainable directory that can assist in solar conversion kits at an affordable price.

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