WIOCC Restores Key ISPs And IP Transit Providers on Equiano Cable

WIOCC Restores Key ISPs And IP Transit Providers on Equiano Cable

Due ⁤to a rock fall in the Congo Canyon, the WACS, ⁤SAT-3, and ACE subsea cables have been‍ damaged, causing disruptions to the services ‍of ‍many‌ Southern ⁣African connectivity providers. However, WIOCC⁣ has ⁤swiftly responded to this situation by seamlessly transitioning its clients’ traffic​ onto its full ⁣fiber pair ⁢on the Equiano cable within a ⁣matter of hours.

In addition to‍ assisting its own‍ clients, WIOCC has also⁢ extended its support to other major players ‍in the industry, even those who were‍ not its clients previously, by restoring their​ connectivity services at short notice.⁣ This has been ⁤made possible⁢ due ‌to WIOCC’s significant ​investment ⁢in its high-capacity, redundant ⁢IP‍ backbone, which ensures its ability to handle unexpected ⁣events.

WIOCC stands out from other infrastructure providers due to its⁣ strategic investments ⁤in ​building and operating a network that delivers superior capacity and redundancy. It takes pride in its IP backbone, which not only serves its ⁣own clients but ​also non-clients who ​rely on WIOCC in ⁤crisis⁣ situations.

To emphasize‌ its commitment to ‍its IP backbone, WIOCC has acquired its own full fiber ‍pairs ⁤on‌ both the Equiano and 2Africa cables. As a direct fiber pair owner, WIOCC has the flexibility to ⁣add ‍capacity, upgrade⁢ equipment, and allocate additional capacity as‍ needed.

Unlike most other Southern African undersea cables,‍ which are owned by consortiums, WIOCC’s⁣ ownership of direct fiber pairs allows for independent decision-making ​on upgrades. This dedication​ to delivering industry-leading redundancy and capacity has led WIOCC ‌to ‍embrace capacity across both consortium-owned ​cables ​and its own⁢ direct fiber pairs.

The Equiano undersea ⁣cable, ‍funded⁣ by‌ Google, offers numerous benefits. It runs between Portugal and South Africa, comprising 12 ​fiber pairs that ‍deliver a ⁤combined⁤ capacity of 144Tbps.⁢ Each Equiano fiber pair ​provides 12Tbps of capacity, ⁢nearly equivalent to the entire WACS undersea cable. Furthermore, ‌the Equiano cable⁢ is deployed further ⁣from the Congo coastline to minimize the risk ⁣of ‌natural disasters.

As WIOCC has purchased its own fiber ⁤pair on the⁣ Equiano⁣ cable, it is well-positioned to assist ISPs and IP Transit providers ⁣in need of urgent capacity following the ⁢cable breaks. The⁢ Equiano cable also presents a long-term option for these providers due to its​ extensive capacity, modern design, and improved robustness.

WIOCC​ has been ​working closely with leading ISPs and⁤ IP⁢ Transit providers ‍in South​ Africa to ensure a smooth‌ transition of their‍ services onto the Equiano cable. ISPs​ and IP ⁤Transit providers‍ still requiring restoration are encouraged to reach out to‌ WIOCC for ⁣assistance in restoring their connectivity ​services on Equiano.

For ‌further inquiries,⁣ please ⁢contact ​WIOCC at [email protected]

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