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Information is the most important asset of any organization. Since the data is managed by a heterogeneous enterprise systems, it gets duplicated and isolated, resulting in several challenges like data quality & consistency issues, incorrect analysis and operational efficiency. With a controlled access to a single version of the truth, you can empower your organization to analyze and action critical information within a highly efficient data stack. Our flexible interconnected solutions model helps you combine advantages from many platforms, minimizing latency among solutions while protecting the security of your data. It builds upon the promise of Digital Transformation by using data-driven processes and capitalizing on resources derived from an extended industry ecosystem. With bCodex you plan for the future with its extensive taxonomic and data auto-onboarding features and it can be enhanced to a full-fledge Repository system or an SDMS pulling structured and unstructured data while aligning your organization value of information with your IT infra-structure.

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