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Located in Salt River in the heart of the CBD’s creative community, the Cardano Center Cape Town is set to become an innovative hub on the African continent for local and international enthusiasts, developers, artists, and anyone that is curious about Cardano and blockchain technology. 

This space will be a focal point for the growing Cardano community, bringing together like-minded individuals to share ideas, explore, develop, and test applications in a physical setting while helping to promote and drive the adoption of Cardano in Africa. 

The Center aims to host regular Cardano and other blockchain-related events and workshops to onboard artists into the ecosystem and pilot creative blockchain technologies, further expanding the Cardano ecosystem and paving the way for new use cases in the real world.

Contact Information
Unit A5, Salt Orchard, Briar Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925, Western-Cape
Phone: 065 647 4289

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