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Our services include: • High-Level Cleaning in Durban– clean up to 12 meters from the safety of the ground • Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Durban • Mattress Steam Cleaning in Durban • Carpet Steam Cleaning in Durban With our system of Steam Cleaning we extract ✓ Bugs ✓ Mites ✓ Dead Skin Cells ✓ Bodily Fluids ✓ Mold ✓ Odors ✓ Most Stains

Every provided service, We believe in challenging the limitations of conventional cleaning methods. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge limitations is by making our services safer, cost effective and efficient, allowing you to focus on your productivity.

Contact us on 084 680 3226/084 854 1817 [email protected]/ [email protected] #go2ecis High Level Dusting High Dust Cleaning Steam Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Mattress Cleaning Bathroom Cleaning Carpet Cleaning

Contact Information
101 Coronation Rd, KwaZulu Natal
Phone: 0846803226

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