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Geyser Repair 0659925618 Geyser Repair Pretoria East Geyser Repair Pretoria East, Geyser Installation Pretoria East, Geyser Replacements, Burst Geyser, Leaking Geysers, Geyser Overflows, No Hot Water, Geyser not Warming, Geyser Services. Pretoria East Geyser Repair and Installation, your first choice in geyser Services, Geyser Replacements and Repairs, We offer a 24 hour Same day Service, Our friendly Plumbers carry stock of the leading geyser manufacturers and therefore no need to wait until the following day, No Call Out Fee Charge, Free Quotations. Is your Geyser dripping through the ceiling and Water running over top of your the roof? It Sounds like you may have a Burst or leaking geyser and your solution for geyser repairs in Pretoria East is with us. Our well trained and qualified plumbers will always make sure that a geyser is replaced and repaired according to SANS 0254 standards and specifications as your safety is our concern. You are just one call away from a Fast, standby plumber in your area. We provide durable, long lasting solutions in Plumbing faulting finding, Repair, Maintenance, Inspection and installation. We strive to ensure a high quality of workmanship and customer service at competitive prices. Our attention to detail, efficiency and reliability, will ensure you get the best service a plumbing company can offer.

Geyser Repair Pretoria East Services are as follows; Faulty Geyser Repair Geyser Services Geyser Installation Burst Geyser Plumbers Leaking Geyser Geyser Overflows Not Hot water or Geyser not warming Valves (pressure valves replacement and installation) Geysers (thermostat and element replacement and new installation) Geyser Pressure valves installation We have Electricians available for all electrical faults

At Geyser Repair Pretoria East, we abide by a strict code of ethics: We treat our customers and staff with the utmost respect We listen to your problems and work with you to find a suitable solution We care for the safety of your family, employees, homes, and personal possessions We offer honest, fair estimates for our services We communicate with our clients about issues as soon as they arise We ensure your understanding of everything before we begin working

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Lynnwood, Pretoria, South Africa, Gauteng
Phone: 0659925618

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