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We are south Africa’s number one hoverboard suppliers and we supply to any country in the world. Our hoverboard shop is an online based shop in Samrand Business Pak, Centurion, and we are available for business 5 days a week. We supply the best quality hoverboards, Baby high chairs, Electric baby monitors, Baby cribs, Baby swing, Cot bed, Decor books, Hoverboards Pram, Baby walkers, Kids cars. Should should you experience any problems with our products, we are just a call away for repairs and replacements. We pride ourselves in supplying the best service and products to our hoverboard customers throughout the world. We are available to assist with any problems and questions you may have regarding our hoverboards. For more info visit https://www.glitzytech.co.za

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46 Landmarks Avenue, Samrand Business Park, Samrand, Centurion, Gauteng

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