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The Man Cave is an online South African retailer specialising in gadgets, electronics and novelty smart items. It’s also one of the bigger Lifesmart smart-home accessories suppliers in South Africa. Other items include decor and home accessories, tailored for man-cave environments. If you’re looking for gifts for men, you should absolutely have a look at our catalogue of products.

In the grooming and personal care category, we have beard oils, beard combs, perfumes, colognes and aftershaves. In the apparel category, we have t-shirts, ball caps, and other wearables. We have a separate category just for bags, backpacks and laptop bags – from lower-end to high-end brand names are featured. For gadgets, we feature a rotating catalogue of new and interesting items – from disinfecting portable UV lamps to robot vacuum cleaners.

As for electronics, we feature the essentials as well as the loadshedding relief items that everyone’s clamouring for. We have a smart home / home automation catalogue, with Sonoff, Xiaomi and Lifesmart being the main brands. Moving to the kitchen, we have specialty and novelty kitchen items including custom braai tongs and cocktail mixers.

Then there’s the mobile and wearable devices category, which includes mobile phones, smart watches, fitness bands and tablets. The Man Cave has something for everyone.

Contact Information
1 Church Street, Wellington, South Africa, Western-Cape
Phone: 0792518420

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