What Is The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

What Is The Financial Conduct Authority
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The Financial Conduct Authority is the primary financial regulator for more 58,000 financial services companies and financial markets in the United Kingdom.

What Does The FCA do?

Financial markets must always be honest, fair and effective so that people and businesses are treated fairly.

They aim to oversee the market so that they work efficiently and effectively— for individuals, businesses, and the national and global economy.

This is done via regulating conduct of more than 50,000 businesses.

Why Does The FCA Regulate Conduct?

The FCA is responsible for monitoring an area which has a critical role in the lives of all people in the United Kingdom and the world. Efficient and fair financial markets have a fundamental impact on global society.

How Does The FCA Regulate Conduct?

The main goal of the FCA is to ensure that the financial markets operated safely and efficiently while primarily focusing to’:

  • Protect Individuals
  • Secure the Financial Markets and the UK financial system
  • Encourage fair competition

The FCA is a fully independent public entity funded via the companies that they regulate, by charging fees and are overseen by the Treasury, and to Parliament.

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