Five Stunning Silver Men’s Bracelet Designs for This Summer

Five Stunning Silver Men's Bracelet Designs for This Summer

Men, on a par with women, enjoy silver jewelry whether it is a ring, necklace, or bracelet. There has already been said a lot about rings and necklaces while undeservedly little attention is paid to bracelets. We are going to fix this overlook and review the most buzzworthy men’s bracelet designs. So, let’s roll.

  1. Classic Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets will perfectly suit guys looking for an evergreen classic. The most obvious benefit of this style is that it will never go out of fashion. Thirty years ago men rocked chain bracelets and in thirty years, they will do the same. Some details, such as thickness or material, may change but the design, on the whole, is always relevant.

If you are looking for a discreet wrist piece then go for a thin silver chain with no extra decorations. If you’re hunting down a status item screaming wealth and luxury, a thick gold bracelet is a spot-on choice. Regardless of a model you gravitate to, make sure it matches other accessories you flaunt especially a watch strap. A gold bracelet combined with silver watch band is a sign of poor taste.

There are traditional men’s chain weavings such as Figaro, Persian, Cuban, etc. These are sturdy, practical, noticeable, and, generally, manly designs. If you prefer a massive chain bracelet, it’s best to abandon other wrist ornaments; otherwise, your look may become over-the-top.

  1. Bangle Bracelet.

This style refers to rigid bracelets that tightly snug around your wrist. In fact, there are two different designs – cuff bracelets that are a rather wide and actually bangle bracelets that are thinner and more discreet. The former usually shaped as a curved plate while the latter is a thick, normally open, rim.

Cuffs are very popular among women but you are able to unearth a badass silver bracelet for men with a masculine design. Try to browse through rocker, biker, or Gothic jewelry stores to get a better selection of options. As you understand, bangle bracelets are not made for 24/7 wear and definitely not for an office but they are a grand idea for a casual look especially if you want to make a statement. If you are not scared of bold designs, your image will benefit from sweep-off-your-feet bejeweled items.

  1. Beaded Bracelets

This bracelet style is inspired by rosaries that are often wrapped around the wrist for more convenience. Beads can be made of various materials – metal, gems, stones, wood, plastic, etc. One of the coolest designs feature black onyx beads that are beneficially combined with silver details. Not only is a beaded bracelet masculine but also you can combine it with literally anything – a watch, bracelets regardless of their style, and other body ornaments.

If black or silver options look boring and uninspiring, you can opt for bold turquoise, tiger eye, and even multi-color items. No matter what model you choose, it will carry a luxury and somewhat spiritual vibe.

  1. Leather Bracelets

If you are a fan of the down-to-earth appearance, a leather bracelet is an option you can’t ignore. Thin cords braided together are a win-win design that is apt for an office environment as well as casual wear. You can go for discreet black finishing or choose something more eye-catching such as burgundy, brown, terracotta, grey, and even red. Thin leather bracelets go well with silver decorative details especially skull or cross pendants. Even a prominent silver clasp will add a dash of charisma to you wrist jewelry.

If you prefer more stand-out options, wide leather cuffs will become a great addition to your image. They are made of durable tough leather and often feature spikes, studs, and gem inlays. Such models may look a little bit too much if you spend half of your time in an office but outside its boundaries, they are a truly head-turner accessory.

  1. Hemp Bracelets

One more nature-inspired option is a hemp bracelet. Normally, those are a few pores weaved together to give a piece extra durability and wow factor. The most popular options utilize natural color hemp ropes (light brown or yellow) although you can also find dyed models (brown, black, grey, white, and others). More often than not, these bracelets consist of hemp material exclusively without any additional ornaments. At the same time, jewelers offer options that complement minimalistic style with beads, pendants, plates, silver loops, and other accents. There are even bohemian style bracelets that feature several colorful strings combined together.

There is a spot-on bracelet for everyone, whether you’re an office clerk, avid motorcyclist, or a fancy dresser. They are made of various materials and boast striking designs. Jewelry brands supply options for every taste and budget, so there is really no reason to deny yourself a bold and fashionable wrist accessory.

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