How To Get The Best Quality South African Chicken


South Africans and Chickens are the ultimate dietary bond as the chicken is the most consumed meat. The country’s chicken consumption is higher than any other food, making chicken the South Africans’ darling food. Whether grilled, roast, fried, or cooked in any other way, people in South Africa love to have chicken in their everyday meals.

Keeping in view the south Africans’ love for chicken and chicken products, we have crafted this article to write about how you can get the best quality South African chicken?

All the chicken lovers out there, keep on reading to get an insight into the best South African chicken.

Choosing a chicken is not an easy task. You have to have complete knowledge regarding good chicken while buying. Without a prior insight, you might stand in the chicken section; all puzzled and baffled by the logos and the claims.  Here are a few tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind while buying chicken.

1. Always Buy Fresh Chicken

For your chicken to not only cook better but also taste better, it must be fresh. How can you determine whether a chicken is fresh or not? Well, we go for two simple criteria to authenticate the freshness of chicken.

The Color

The first and foremost thing you notice is the color of the skin and the meat. If the skin is tinted yellow and the meat is pinkish, it means the chicken is fresh.

The Odor

Fresh chicken should never have any odor. If the chicken has any smell, that means it is not fresh.

2. The Labels

Are you one of those people who get confused with the various labels on the chicken? Do you know what is meant by free-range, pasture-raised, organic, or hormone-free? If not, then it’s time to learn some terms to get the best South African chicken every time.


It is the best choice when it comes to buying chicken. The term free-range means the chicken was exposed to the outdoors for enough time. The reason behind admiring free-range chicken is such chicken get less stressed when butchered and thus taste better. Moreover, muscles are built more in free-range chicken as compared to caged ones.


Dont be tricked by all the fancy wordings written on the labels as sometimes it’s just words. Pasture-raised chicken means the chicken have been raised on pasture only. However, it is tricky as to what kind of pasture the company is pointing at grass or weed.


Always choose chicken that is air-chilled after butchered and de-feathered. When the chicken is chilled in water, it tends to absorb some of the water and thus gets heavy and doesn’t taste good. While on the other hand, air-chilled chicken tastes delicious.

3. Ethnic Beliefs

Another crucial fact while buying the best chicken is to check how the chicken was slaughtered to affirm your religious beliefs.

If the labels indicate Kosher or halal, that means the chicken is slaughtered according to the Jewish and Muslim religious beliefs.

4. Frozen Or Fresh

Another vital question while buying chicken is either you should opt for a frozen or fresh one? Well, a fresh chicken tastes far better than the frozen one. Suppose you have a choice always go for fresh chicken. The frozen chicken is frozen and then thawed before reaching the shelves and thus lose its taste.

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