Get the Most from Your Graphics Design and Communications Agency with These Tips

Get the Most from Your Graphics Design and Communications Agency with These Tips

Do you want to get the most out of your new graphic design agency? Of course, you do – we all want value for money. These tips are here to help.

  1. Instead of imposing your own rules and limits on the design team, give these experts some space to explore their creativity.

Have some faith and give the design team a chance to add their creativity to the process and see what they come up with, instead of limiting them to your own ideas and thoughts, to get a better chance of getting you’re the most out of your investment. The new ideas they come up with might be exactly what is needed to create a more distinct and unforgettable message whether it is pop up displays, a new logo or an entire new brand image you are after.

  1. Before you dive into this creative process, leave any sentimental connections to any of the existing material at the door!

Believe the experts when they say that the optics of a specific photo that you are particularly fond of make it unsuitable for the task at hand. In the same breath, if your design expert expresses their view that a particular font you are fond of has any associated meanings, like Papyrus or 2012 London Olympics or Cosmic Sans that you are not familiar with or is out of fashion, believe them as well. From what is likely to trigger social media followers, or the most recent Pantone colour, part of why you contracted the graphic designer is to keep up with such details and developments.

  1. Get your graphics designer involved in your digital media efforts as it has become a huge part of the current marketing trend.

Find out whether the design experts you are working with can improve your social media profiles after they complete the design work you assigned them. The failure of some clients to bring us on board with creating uniformity in their outreach activities and social profiles, after engaging us in the more complicated design work, results in a disjointed and inconsistent feel in their overall branding activities.

  1. Instead of contracting designers hourly, go with a project to project basis.

The constant estimation and re-estimation involved in hourly rates lead to delayed projects and a huge amount of paperwork. You can ensure that the project continues, even after your hourly limit has been reached without the need to seek permission with a project offer from your designer, which is the sweeter and more convenient deal.

Use the following tips to get the best outcome when doing things on your own, without the help of an expert:

  1. Jot Down an Action Plan

Including specific delivery dates, put down all your immediate and long-term goals. If you intend to run an ad campaign or want to produce printed or promotional material, create a separate budget.

  1. No Using Freely Available Artwork Such as Clip Art

It’s highly likely that a huge number of people have seen and though of using any icons that are freely or easily available online in their designs as well. The apparent authenticity and integrity of your brand or business is placed in doubt as a result.

  1. Simple Is Best

A crowded appearance seems tacky and is hard to navigate or comprehend; something that negatively affects many designs. Keep the design classy and clean by maintaining your focus on the message.

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