How to Prevent Companies from Tracking Your Location Real-Time Online?


You might be aware of geotagging or have never heard about this before. Either way, businesses, and tech companies are using this tactic to grow their businesses.

Geotagging is a process to identify a location, whether it’s of a photo, from where you are posting your status, from where you are searching your queries on search engines, and many more. Your location is being tracked by most of the applications and search engines as well. Both tech and business companies are tracking the location of users via their devices. Most importantly, when you are using your mobile devices, your locations can be tracked via GPS through Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi signals, and cellular tower data.

Most of the applications you are using can track your location information. These apps can also track your location via location metadata attached to your shared photo. This information will let them know where you were and travels with you as well. Commonly people are also adding manual geotags on different social apps to make them more searchable. Such information can reveal your movements in real-time which will make companies track your location within a few yards.

Who Can Use Your Geolocation Information?

Geolocation can reveal every bit of your personal information from where you sleep to where you work, where you travel, and much more. However, over time geo-tracking is becoming a significant problem. Because it is not only allowing businesses for enhanced marketing strategies. But this information can also lead you to physical risk as well. As we used to walk around with our cellular devices, and these are recording our location history even when you are not touching them. Cross-reference your map activity with a simple search on a search engine, people with bad intentions can get access to your personal information with ease. With this, criminals will be able to reach you by tracking the wealth of data regarding your everyday activities with ease.

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Privacy Implications:

However, the situation can be pretty overwhelming when you know someone is tracking you with bad intentions. But you can consider some privacy implications to protect yourself from the risks of geo-tracking and geotagging in the best possible way. Want to know how? Let’s have a look at the steps listed below:

  • A VPN passes your data through an encrypted tunnel and keeps your information safe and sound.
  • Turn off the feature of geotagging in your apps and search engine. This is one of the most obvious solutions you can consider.
  • Install an anti-tracking application or software to prevent sending information from your devices in a more effective way.
  • Don’t forget to have a look closely at what you are posting on different social media platforms.
  • Use adblocking services to keep trackers from collecting your information.

Software Tool Recommendations

With the growing threat of geo-tracking, it has become essential to use effective anti-tracking software on your devices to restrict information flowing away from your device. Here we have some best options to consider in this regard:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

When it is about to find an anti-tracking tool, then people find it hard to use a tool that is compatible with multiple web browsers.

Due to which it becomes difficult to prevent tracking on different web browsers simultaneously.

However, VPN is a well-known solution to consider here because it is easy to install, efficient to use, and compatible with almost all browsers. It can help you to make your browsing anonymous and keep you protected everywhere. Use a VPN to hide your current location and information online.

  • Tor Browser

Anonymous browsing has become a necessity of the hour. This is important to prevent anyone from accessing your activity or location history to avoid any future hassle.

Tor browser is an effective solution for anonymous browsing. It is packed with amazing features and will mask your identity via encryption and will make your location information invisible. Even you can browse the dark web securely.

  • Lockdown

To stop tracking, it is important to have software that can protect you from all browsers and apps easily.

Protecting your information tracking from both apps and browsers is necessary to prevent misuse of your confidential information.

Lockdown is an amazing application that can block trackers from your browsers and apps easily. Its built-in VPN feature can let you fake your location as well.

  • DuckDuckGo

Various search engines and browsers are tracking your location.

This tracking can lead you to physical dangers as well if your information will go into the wrong hands.

Having a privacy browser such as DuckDuckGo as an alternative browser can be an amazing solution you can have. It works like an incognito window and doesn’t store or display any of your personal and confidential information at all. It can also let you know about the trackers who want to throw an eye on your activities.


Protecting your online information tracking is important. Your personal information must be protected when you are visiting websites or browsing online for ensured security and privacy.

This information has certainly given you a better idea about geotagging. Also, now you know how and why you should prevent companies from tracking your location online. Consider these practices to ensure your security and privacy in the best possible way.

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