Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Is IPL laser Hair removal painful

The IPL laser hair removal is a precious boon for those who are searching for the best permanent prevention methods to erase unwanted hair.

Advancements made in technology have created a wonderful product that is- IPL laser hair removal. Removal of unwanted hair from the face or other parts of your body is a tiresome task, which consumes your time and energy. The beauty industry has already introduced different types of choices including shaving, threading, or waxing.

However, these options cannot produce permanent prevention outcomes. Other methods implemented for hair removal need to be performed frequently at regular intervals, throughout your journey of life. The IPL treatment is considered the best safety method.

Details about IPL hair removal method

The term IPL means intense pulsed light technology treatment performed to your hair and skin for reducing the growth of hair and also diminish the varicose veins formation, decrease pigmentation and unwanted scarring. Mostly this method is done to diminish and eliminating unwanted growth of hair. The IPL treatment can be used on your skin layer on the face and all through the body.

For so long the IPL laser Hair removal methods of treatment was only performed by professionals in a beauty salon or by a dermatologist Doctor in their clinics. With the huge advancements made in the technology world, you have been gifted with powerful IPL products that offer you the privilege of performing the hair removal treatment from the comfort zone of your home.

How is the IPL laser treatment performed?

The IPL laser hair removal products produce a beam of broad laser light spectrums. This beam of light spectrum generates heat energy and deeply penetrates the hair follicles and within the skin layers.

Melanin the pigment produced within the hair and skin layers is absorbed by the laser light emitted from the device. This beam of light can damage the hair follicles from the root and thus permanently stops the hair regrowth in that region.

Cycles of hair growth

Hair growth occurs in diverse cycles and therefore the hairs on your skin layers are each present at different levels of the cycle. It has been found that your hair follicles respond to the broad beam of light spectrum from IPL only during the full or anagen hair growth period cycle. This is the reason for performing laser treatments multiple times.

Choosing correct settings

The products using IPL treatment options possess different settings. According to the set levels you choose the depth of light penetrative your skin and hair follicles are affected. The Colour of your hair, the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, and that area in your body where you want the treatment is to be performed, are the few factors that help in selecting the settings required.

Time factor

IPL laser hair removal treatment is completed quickly and this depends on the body location chosen. Usually, the treatment can be completed within 30 minutes period of time. If you want to experience complete cure and permanent results, then you must perform for six to twelve treatment sessions. You should consider taking gaps of two to five weeks period of time between sessions. During this resting time hair follicles that were not present in the anagen cycle to eradicate, leaving that area free from hair growth and smooth.

Are you an eligible candidate for this IPL treatment?

  • IPL laser hair removal treatment is not applicable for everyone. According to researches, the IPL laser treatment can do wonders in people with light-colored skin and dark-colored hair. Hair Removal treatment can be highly effective on people who possess light-colored skin than on dark-colored skin. Light-colored skin has a positive effect on pigmentation done naturally.
  • Similarly, people with grey, white, blonde and red colors are found to respond weakly to these treatments.
  • Pregnant ladies and those who have irritation in the skin or any other severe skin health conditions are not eligible for the treatment.

Is IPL a safe treatment option?

The IPL laser hair removal treatment is an excellent and safe option. Some annoying side effects such as skin irritation or allergies or ingrown layers of hair conditions that happen with other treatments like waxing or shaving do not occur with this treatment. It is also cheaper than other traditional treatment options and with the wonderful devices, you can easily perform them at your home.

However, you need to be careful while using the IPL devices or it might cause discoloration, crusting, or burns. Especially people who are dark-skinned must avoid this treatment option because it might cause discoloration. You need to follow certain precautionary methods and avoid exposure to the sun during the treatment to safeguard your skin.

There is no pain experienced by the people who have performed the IPL treatment and it is very common to feel the heat during the treatment on that particular skin area. You can use cold packs or anti-inflammatory creams for reducing any discomfort.

Results from IPL treatment

You will be seeing visible results from the IPL laser Hair removal l treatment only after 3 regular sessions. The hair regrowth in particular areas slower, finer, and will be appearing very lighter than before. You should be alert enough to practice the maintenance routine while the treatment sessions are going on for the best results.

Advantages of IPL Hair Removal Treatment at home

  1. The IPL laser treatment can be done without any complications and within a lesser period than other traditional treatment methods.
  2. Since this treatment produces a permanent hair reduction you can stop investing in shaving cream or razors and other stuff. IPL is a one-time investment that produces lifelong results and is therefore considered as value for your hard-earned money.
  3. Permanent prevention of regrowth of hair can be obtained with IPL laser hair removal It is effectively used for sensitive skin and experience the joy of complete elimination of unwanted hair. Good luck!
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