Learnerships Could Improve Unemployment Figures in South Africa

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South Africa’s official unemployment rate is slightly over 27%, according to Statistics SA, but that just takes into consideration the number of people who are actively searching for work, not those who have never ever attempted, or have actually quit trying to find a job. The government is constantly speaking about job production, however this is countered by an absence of skills for those jobs that are available.

What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a work-based learning programme straight related to an occupation or field work that leads to a certified NQF certification. They are handled by the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). Businesses looking to carry out skills development either for their own talent pipeline or to contribute towards education in this country can participate in learnership agreements with their current companies or with unemployed candidates. Companies can search for Latest Learnerships easily online to find out more on how to get started.

Learnership vs qualification?

It is not necessary to complete a learnership to get a qualification, where as a learnership could lead to a qualification.

Benefits of learnerships to companies?

  • Learnerships include job training, the staff member can still work.
  • Government tax incentives. SETAs offer cash grants for learnerships.
  • Companies make BEE points.
  • Due to the fact that learnerships are practical, it is only signed up if connecting to a skills need in the economic sector.
  • Open doors to further learning and is also nationally recognised.
  • Develop experienced staff members who will add value to the business.

Benefits of learnerships for students?

  • Make earnings while enhancing your skills and eventually enhance their profession prospects.
  • Chance for additional knowing and getting recognized credentials that can be portable from one company to another.
  • Individual development and self esteem enhances.

Repayments, grants and tax rebates

Purchasing learnerships also offers companies with chances to capitalise on various repayments, grants and tax refunds. For instance, employers who pay the skills advancement levy to SARS, who are signed up with their SETA and send their WSP and Annual Training Report each year, do qualify for more compensations on their SDL invest which can be used towards the cost of the training.

These advantages aside, the core function of learnerships is, of course, to ensure that business is empowered by a relevant skills base over the long term. “The unique benefit of learnerships is that they are work-based and delivered onsite in a business’s environment”. “They can, for that reason, be particularly and tactically created, and after that ingrained within the context of your organisation’s talent advancement objectives and goals.”

Learnerships are typically implemented over a 12-month duration with the learners attending an average of 3 days of training every month in addition to finishing their assessments.

Recent Learnerships is appropriately planned and carried out. The advantages to both the company and the worker can far surpass the disadvantages. Here it is essential for the company to make use of a Training Provider that have proficient and experienced lecturers to assist students in using the theory into the office. The Training Provider will also take care of the documents while the company focuses on their service.

Based on the study by Kruss et al (2014 ), It can be reasoned that there is fantastic value in extending the scale of learnerships and apprenticeships in organisations to lower the abilities gap and skill lack in South Africa. Government has acknowledged the role learnerships play in producing employment opportunities and have actually recently extended the learnership and apprenticeship tax allowance advantage to businesses. The aim of the learnership tax allowance is to assist companies lower the cost of training.

For more information, visit: https://www.recentlearnership.com/

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