Maintaining Hair Extensions

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We all can testify of the wonder of hair extensions- How radiantly they transform a homely appearance to an exquisite one (all that glamour almost without difficulty). We should do more than just have one. Learning to maintain whichever extension you own, seals the beauty trick.

This act of maintenance cannot be overemphasized. It has been valid, long before now. So, for ancient extension users and beginners coming on board, hair extensions require;

  • Proper washing: Extensions are hairs and like your natural hair, they deserve just the right care and treatment. Handling them rather roughly, wouldn’t keep them long enough. They can be washed, even alongside the natural hair (except of course for clip-ins and glue-ins, which should be washed separately).

Talking about the choice of shampoo, sulfate-free shampoos are better for washing extensions. This is because they help to retain oil in the hair and also prevent it from looking frizzy. Unlike the natural hair which gets a direct source of oil supply from the body hormones, extensions lack direct supply of oil.

Hence the need to retain even the little they contain. Be careful not to wash daily though, less frequently is better. Hair conditioners are not exempted in this extension care routine. I mean, how else do you restore thickness and shine to the hair? Conditioning all the way, as deep as the hair roots too.

Do not leave out the aspect of properly drying hair extensions. When they are not completely dry, they breed molds and bacteria which are altogether unhealthy.

  • Less pressure and heat: This is rather important. Like excessive heat damages the natural hair, it weakens extensions too. Straightening, curling and tonging with heat combs and tongs isn’t the best. As much as you’ll love to style your extension with one of those techniques, it should be done sparsely.
  • Good storage: As shallow as this may sound, it goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of your hair extension. And to think that storage takes no more than few minutes? Why not carefully exploit those few minutes to put away these fine hairs. After all, they cost as much as you already know.

Upon taking off your extensions (clip-ins, tape-ins or even the wigs), ensure they are dry. After which, you brush out properly. Weave it into a pony tail or gently roll, and keep in a box (preferably the one it came in). Peradventure your extension didn’t come in a box, or the box is worn out, you can always alternate with a shoe box or any other airtight container.

Always keep hair extensions away from sunlight. Instead keep them in a drawer. Closets are also ideal for storage.

Did I mention that the quality of extension you purchase also determines its durability? Well, now you know. Before taking time to properly care for your extension using the tips above, you should ensure they are appropriately selected from only the best stores.

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