How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: 4 Best Eye Makeup Tricks

4 Best Eye Makeup Tricks

You don’t really need extraordinary effort to make your eyes look bigger in your morning makeup routine. All you need to know is the tricks of doing your eye makeup in the right way.

You also need the most appropriate eye making products to help you look more awake and make your eyes appear more radiant for any occasion.

Black Eyeliner to Make Eyes Pop

Eyeliner, especially the black one, is used to better enhance your eyes. Nevertheless, if your eyes are pretty much smaller or larger, the primary intention is just to make them look super prominent.

The things to keep in mind to make your eyes look bigger is the angle and thickness when applying eyeliner.

This is important because if you have large eyes, they will look smaller if you do not apply the eyeliner in a proper way.

The key for small eyes to look bigger is to apply a thicker black eyeliner on the upper eyelid.

You can use nude colors or none at all on the lower eyelid to make them look rounder and larger.

Moreover, you can also put some white into your lash line, which also works wonders for small eyes.

Use Artificial Eye Lashes

You are blessed to have small eyes. In most of the case, the situation is quite different. People who have small eyes not only have short lashes, but they are also sparse.

In this situation, women with small eyes go for the option of using artificial lashes to cover up in this beauty area.

If your eye size is much smaller, then use small eyelashes but with thickness. If your lashes are medium length then you can use the larger size ones, but the thickness must be kept at normal, otherwise it will give an unnatural look to your eyes.

Wrong Eyeshadow Color

Another basic mistake that many women make while doing eyeshadow palette for small eyelids is the use of shades on eyes that make them look even smaller.

Darker colors are never recommended for small eyes, and smokey eyes are not a good option for such people.

The darker colors eyeshadow palette such as shades of brown and charcoal are totally not suitable for small eyes. Soft neutral shadow colors are the best solution.

If you want to make your eyes look bold and attractive then you can use a dab of darker shades, try shimmery colors to highlight your eyelids.

Use Eye Concealer

Many women overlook the importance of eye concealers. If your eyes are small and have under-eye dark circles, then always use a concealer to cover up while applying eye makeup.

Use the concealer to highlight the inner corner of the eyes, on both the side and top area of your nose as well.

It will make your eyes look fresh and bright. After that, use the right brow gel to tame your eyebrows and keep them in check.

These are the very basic and simple steps for women with small eyes.

This is not too difficult that will take days and months to master.

Read the above suggestions on how to make your eyes look bigger and apply them accordingly. Simple and easy tips to beautiful eye makeup looks.

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