Everything You Need To Know About South Africa’s Renewable Energy Resources

Everything You Need To Know About South Africa

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world that cares about the environment and the future generations. They are implementing the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources in such a large number, countering the use of the burning of fossil fuels which is a major enemy of our environment. Burning fossil fuels is the major cause of damage to our ozone layer, and if continued for a few more years will make sure half of the Earth’s population will die due to the depravity of Oxygen. South Africa’s steps towards the mass use of hydroelectric, biomass, and wind energy are proving beneficial to not only them in terms of affordability but also for the environment.

The most important form of sustainable and renewable energy is Solar power.
Solar power is so sustainable and useful that in South Africa biomass, wind and hydroelectric powers are driven by Solar energy.

Solar Energy in South Africa:

Solar energy is the light and heat radiated by the sun converted into electric power by a photovoltaic module which is usually called Solar cells on a solar panel.Solar cells in the panels work on the principle of photoelectric effect; producing electricity by the striking of sunlight on the photosensitive cell.

South Africa is adopting solar energy very bulkily. It is estimated that in 5-10 years South Africa will produce 8400 MW of electricity by Solar power as they receive about 2500 hours of sunlight every year, highest radiations falling at the west of South Africa.

Solar is very beneficial for the South Africans as it is affordable; free to use only startup costs are required. These startup costs are investments, returned after 8-10 years. Easily maintained and high reduction in environmental pollution makes Solar the best choice for a renewable source of energy.

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Other Renewable Sources Of Energy in South Africa:

South Africa’s energy requirements will double by the year 2025, so they can’t rely on Solar power alone for their day to day use of not only providing electricity for commercial and industrial use. Power is also used for air and water cooling/heating, Energy provision to rural areas and transportation. Burning fossil fuels, although a solution proves exceedingly harmful to the environment because of the emission of greenhouse gases makes the air unbreathable and temperatures reach an all-time high.

South Africa is rich in resources for the utilization of renewable resources to power their country. South Africa is currently using Geothermal energy, biomass, hydroelectric, and wind turbines to harvest energy by wind energy.

Many moderating organizations exist in South Africa to regulate renewable sources of energy as a way to power the entire country and use minimal fossil fuels. Although other renewable sources also play an essential role in powering South Africa in an eco-friendly way, but they are driven by Solar power itself.


South Africa is a country rich in renewable resources, so it’d be an unwise decision to let it go to waste. South African government is doing its best to make sure renewable sources power the whole country.


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