6 Benefits of Automated Gates and Home Security

Security Gate Automation

Whether you are investing entirely on new security gates and fencing or simply want to upgrade an existing fence, you must decide on the best design, quality and price for your property. For many home and business owners, this decision includes considering an automated entry gate.

In this article, we list six benefits of automated gates to help you weigh your options.

1. Safety

When you care for children, you should take extra safety precautions, especially around your home. Automated gates provide an extra level of security since the opening mechanisms are often too high above the ground or too complex for a child to operate. Also, no one can open an automated gate without you knowing about it, so your children get added protection from intruders.

When you own outdoor pets, you should create secure property boundaries to decrease your liability and increase your pets’ protection. A dog may be able to open a traditional gate, but automated gates require an opener signal or other secure trigger to open.

This safety precaution reduces the risk of pet loss, theft or injury.

2. Convenience

While a gate increases your property’s security, it can be inconvenient. Automating your gate eliminates the inconveniences. Instead of getting out of your car to open the gate, driving through and then closing the gate behind you, simply press a button. This also helps decreasing the risk of being hijacked while opening the gate manually.

3. Control

Obviously, an automated gate lets you control who enters and exits your property. This feature goes beyond added protection for your kids or convenience for your guests. Entrance control also helps you decrease the number of unwanted sales calls and visitors.

4. Value

When you take steps to improve or to secure your property, you automatically increase its market value. Automated gate installation makes your home more appealing to potential buyers should you decide to resell, and the gate adds to your home’s value.

If resell value is your primary concern, consult with a fencing contractor to ensure that you choose the best gate and automation system for your goals.

5. Security

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of an automated gate is additional security. As mentioned above, automated gates require specific steps for opening and closing, which reduces the risk of unauthorised entry.

Additionally, automated gates often come with integrated safety beams, advanced locks and other security measures. These components strengthens your property against forced entry, which in turn reduces the risks of theft, vandalism and intruders.

You can also work with your security company to connect your gate to an alarm, lights or a CCTV system. Then, when your gate opens, you hear an alarm bell, see lights turn on or get an immediate camera image of the area.

6. Versatility

Automated gates can fit properties of most sizes and shapes. For example, if you don’t have room for a swinging double gate, you can opt for a sliding automated gate instead.

Individual gates also come with features that suit your specific needs. If you’re most concerned about pet safety, install a gate with a remote opener. If you’re most concerned about security, wire your automated gate into your home security system so you know right away if someone accesses your property without your permission. A fencing and security contractor can help you decide on the right model for your needs.

Think an automated gate is right for your property? Find the right motor, gate, fence or security solution at Auxillary Security – East Rand, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

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Thomas Peterson

I thought it was a good perk when you mentioned that automated gates can help you control who enters and exits your property. I have been looking into updating the fence and gates around me to also help with a little security boost. Maybe I’ll have to look at some options available in my area.

Kate Hansen

I love how you said that getting a security gate adds value to your home. My husband last week was talking about having one installed and I wanted to know some more benefits before we did get one. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind while we decide if we want to get one installed or not.