Back Up Your Data and Keep Your Files Safe – Here’s Why

Back Up Your Data and Keep Your Files Safe

This article covers why secure online data backup, is the best way to backup your data. It also points out, what is good to look out for when choosing a service provider.

Secure online data backup is the way most important data is being backed up these days, especially by major corporations. Backing up your data is extremely important to do. An alternative way data is backed up is, by backing it up locally near your computer, using things such as external hard drives.

The online data backup method or cloud hosting has a number of advantages over the local backup method. These are for the following reasons:

It protects against the most risks

Data stored near your computer is prone to issues such as theft, fire, hardware failure, and human error. Data stored online in a secure data backup facility is not prone to this problem.

If your computer was stolen, then they would not be able to steal the backup as well. You would be free to download your data again from another computer with the right codes.

The hardware is also generally of much higher quality than storage equipment you may use at home or the office. It is also much more closely monitored and has its own backup systems in place as well.

It is portable

If you have left your computer at home when you have gone on holidays, then if for whatever reason that you need a file, then you can retrieve it using another computer and internet connection.

You can get expert help quickly and easily

Online secure data backup services generally come with experts, who you can contact if you are experiencing problems. This is generally not possible if you have your own local system setup.

It is the most secure

Good remote data backup facilities have very secure data centres. They will be tightly guarded, and be in very secure and safe locations, like buried in a mountain somewhere.

They will also tend to backup your data in two separate facilities, so that in the rare situation where something was to happen to one of the facilities, then the other would still hold your data.

What to look for when choosing a service

There are 3 broad things to look out for.

1. Choose a quality company with good corporate clients, and history of being in business for a decent period of time. Make sure they also include 24 hour phone support.

2. Choose a company who has very secure data facilities. This would mean good physical, and electronic security. Ideally they would be backing your data up in two separate facilities, hundreds of miles apart.

3. It must be easy to use. You want your data backup and retrieval experience to be really easy. You don’t want to risk your data with an overly complex system. This means easy to install and operate.

Hire a reliable Technology Management and Cyber Security company like SybaWeb.


Make sure you backup your data, ideally using an online secure data backup service. You never know when you may need your backup for your precious data.

About SybaWeb – At SybaWeb we’re big on being a part of our client’s short, medium and long term IT strategy and over the years have developed what we feel is a winning approach. Key is our desire to constantly demonstrate our value to our clients.

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