DStv Withdraws from Malawi as Government Blocks Price Hikes

DStv Withdraws from Malawi as Government Blocks Price Hikes

MultiChoice has made the ⁤decision ‌to withdraw its DStv ⁤services from Malawi immediately. This comes after the government of Malawi successfully blocked the recent price increases imposed by MultiChoice. The High Court in Lilongwe issued an injunction in favor of the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), preventing MultiChoice Malawi (MCM)⁢ from adjusting the DStv tariffs.

MultiChoice Africa has emphasized that MCM⁣ does not have the⁢ authority ‍to set or adjust⁢ tariffs ⁢for the DStv service, as ‍it is not⁣ offered to the public. Despite this, ​the court order carries severe consequences for the directors and ⁣management of MultiChoice Malawi, including ⁤the ⁢possibility of imprisonment.

Due to the adverse regulatory environment and the impact on ⁤its supplier,‌ MultiChoice Africa has been left with no choice but‍ to indefinitely terminate the DStv service. Customers in Malawi⁤ are urged to immediately stop making payments for DStv services.​ Starting from Wednesday, 9 August 2023, no​ new subscriptions or reconnections will be accepted.

For those​ who have already paid their latest‍ subscription, they can continue using the service until the current 30-day viewing cycle ends on or⁣ before 10⁤ September⁤ 2023. MultiChoice expresses gratitude to its Malawian customers for their support over the years and acknowledges the professional conduct of ⁤MCM in providing services to the ​company.

We understand that this news may be disappointing for our valued customers in Malawi. We‍ assure⁣ you⁣ that we⁤ have explored all possible options before reaching this decision. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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