Metatrader4: A Cool Breeze In Forex Arena

A Cool Breeze In Forex Arena

When you decide to start a Forex Brokerage company, you may have already decided to use the MT4 Trading Terminal, or your potential clients or forex traders may request that you provide them with the Meta Trader 4 Trading Terminal. You can get the MT4 Terminal from anywhere, but you’ll need the MT4 White Label Solution to use it as your brokerage solution.

What Is MT4 White Label and How Does It Work?

MetaQuotes Software Corp created MT4 White Label, a forex trading, and brokerage solution, in 2005. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most widely used Forex trading terminal or software among traders, brokers, and developers.

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MT4 was created specifically for Forex traders, and it’s no surprise that it’s helped the market grow to massive volumes of USD 5 trillion per day. Even after two decades, the MT4 Trading Terminal continues to be the first option among forex traders.

The most common Forex White Label among aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a forex brokerage is MT4 White Label.

MT4 White Label’s Components

The MT4 White Label Solution is a comprehensive kit that includes components for both consumers and brokers. The following is a list of some of the most essential features of MT4 White Label:

Back-Office Components

  • Risk Management Back-office, Dealing
  • Back-office API
  • System Administration
  • Manager Terminal
  • Administrator Terminal

Front-Office Components

  • Trading Terminal
  • Mobile Trading
  • Web Trading

Relevant Market Data Feeds

  • News
  • Quotes

Trade Gateways

  • Exchange Markets
  • Liquidity Providers


  • Main Server
  • History Server
  • Backup and report Server
  • Access Server
  • Trade Server

How Much Does MT4 White Label Cost

Let’s break down and clarify the cost and price of the MT4 White Label.

  • How much does a broker get paid?
  • Why is it so expensive?
  • What other services does your MT4 White Label Provider offer?

The question of how much does MT4 White Label cost is a difficult one to address. Since there are two parties involved, MetaQuotes and the Reseller or Forex White Label Provider, the MT4 White Label Cost for Forex Brokers has two components:

Charges at MetaQuotes

MetaQuotes charges the following for each MetaTrader 4 White Label License:

  • One-time setup fee of USD 5000
  • Monthly fees of USD 1000 for Web Terminal and USD 1750 for Web and Mobile Terminal

Charges for Resellers

A provider can charge the following fees in addition to MetaQuotes’ fees for each MT4 White Label License:

  • USD 500 or more for a one-time setup fee
  • Charges of USD 1500 or more per month


You must be thinking how much an MT4 White Label costs as an aspiring metatrader 4 brokers south africa Broker. The following is a breakdown of the fees you would pay to your Forex White Label Providers:

  • USD 5500 or more for a one-time setup fee
  • Charges of USD 3000 or more per month


This blog can be summarized as follows:

  • MetaQuotes’ MT4 Trading Terminal is the most widely used Forex trading software. • The MT4 White Label Solution includes a variety of broker and trader modules.
  • If you want to start a forex brokerage venture, MT4 White Label is the best option. • You can’t purchase MetaTrader4 White Label directly from MetaQuotes; instead, you’ll need to go through an MT4 White Label Provider.
  • MT4 White Label Solution Providers typically charge USD 5500 or more in setup fees and USD 3000 or more in monthly fees, including MetaQuotes fees. • MT4 White Label Solution Providers typically provide far more than MT4, such as Company Incorporation, Broker CRM, Website, PAMM, MAMM, Trade Copier, and other services.
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