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Keeping up to date with the latest design trends can be exhausting. But when you deal with the Dial A Rug team, it’s easy. A fairly newcomer to the South African rug market, this online rug store offers everything from indoor to outdoor rugs, Persian and Oriental Rugs, runners and kids rugs, all on one site. And with direct home or office delivery, purchasing your new rug couldn’t be easier.

When it comes to the latest trends, you can rest assured that the team at Dial a Rug are constantly keeping their finger on the pulse, ensuring that their rug ranges stay relevant and on trend. We recently contacted them to find out the latest rug trends that they are seeing play out worldwide, and this is what they had to say.

Décor upgrades

Due to the current lockdowns that are taking place around the world, in some form or another, home décor, as a whole, has experienced a dramatic increase in sales. As people are spending more time at home (either working or socializing), many have taken the time, and savings from travel expenses, to beautify their homes, transforming them into true sanctuaries for themselves and their families. From adding runners to their entrance halls, sprucing up their living room area rugs, and adding more plush rugs into their bedroom areas, the focus on creating lively and comforting home spaces has been a keen focus for most consumers.

Rug types in demand

South Africans in general, spend a large amount of time outdoors, which includes entertaining, and this is one of the reasons why the Dial a Rug team focuses much of their buying efforts on their outdoor collections. Interest in creating attractive outdoor areas has certainly been a trend in the last few months, and given that their outdoor ranges are UV treated, mildew resistant and easy to clean, it is little wonder that their outdoor ranges are so popular. From neutral tones to brightly coloured and patterned rugs, the outdoor ranges on offer from Dial a Rug are certainly in high demand and on trend.

The team also notes that low pile rugs, and flat weave rugs, have been firm favourites with their clientele, which they attribute to their ease of cleaning. Since many consumers have been in confined spaces, often without the help that they are used to, and their desire to keep their home as clean as possible, the option to purchase rugs that lend themselves to easy cleaning methods have been preferred.

Rug colour trends

When talking rug colour trends, the team are quick to note that there are generally two popular colour choices that most consumers make, namely neutral creams and light greys or rugs with tones of blue. According to the Dial a Rug team, there are two main reasons behind this, which have a lot to do with colour psychology, triggering human emotion and behaviours.

In colour psychology, white emits feelings of innocence, goodness, cleanliness, and humility, whilst grey represents neutrality and balance. Striking the balance between the more natural hues of white, cream and grey can aid in creating a clean, neutral decor look. This, coupled with an ease of matching the existing décor to your new rug, adds to the appeal of neutral hue rugs.

The colour psychology surrounding the colour blue is closely tied to the sea and the sky, emitting feelings of stability, harmony, peace and calmness. And during these times of immense turmoil, the Dial a Rug team has seen an increase in the sales of rugs that offer blue colourings.

Staying on trend with Dial a Rug couldn’t be easier! Visit their website today at and browse their extensive collections.

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