5 Tips Making Moving in The Rain Easier

5 Tips Making Moving in The Rain Easier

Anyone moving house would prefer not to do so on a rainy day. But there are times and seasons that necessarily make moving a matter of working in the wet. If this happens, there are some handy tips that can make your rainy removal day easier.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the short- and medium-term weather forecasts, and to plan accordingly. If there’s any doubt about what kind of day you can expect, it’s best to prepare by taking the necessary steps beforehand.

In Cape Province rainy weather these tips are essential. Using a moving company from Cape Town will ensure that you get experienced help.

1. Boxed and cardboard-wrapped items

Try not to use old or damaged boxes as these are less resistant to ripping, especially when wet. If possible use boxes and other cardboard materials that are produced especially for removals.

Wrap these well with plastic coverings. One of the cheapest options for wrapping is a roll of black bin-liners. One of these liners can go around most portable boxes. Be sure not to make your boxes too big and heavy.

Before wrapping with plastic, ensure that your boxes are well taped up. Tape thoroughly especially on corners and flaps, and around the middle if the box shows a tendency to bulge.

2. Take special care of electric and electronic devices

Household appliances and electronic devices are very vulnerable in rainy conditions. If these are packed in carboard boxes, they should be bubble-wrapped before packaging them.

Ensure that boxes containing electronic goods are carefully wrapped on the outside too. Even a small hole or tear will allow water to enter and collect.

Mark electronic items with bold-lettered labels with a caution to avoid getting them wet. Any moving company in Cape Town will be accustomed to the rainy season, and will know how to treat these goods.

3. Get the truck as close as possible to the house

Plan well in advance which exits and entrances from house and garden must be used for various items of different sizes, and try to enable the removal truck to get as close to your exits as possible. When it’s rainy, ensure that ground and floor surfaces are protected from slippage.

4. Protecting furniture and delicate items

If you anticipate rain, advise your movers to shrink-wrap your vulnerable items of furniture, and use bubble-wrap to seal delicate items such as reading lamps.

In the case of books, ensure that boxes are tightly sealed and not prone to bulge or burst from overweight.

5. Keeping mattresses and cushions dry

Arrange with your movers to bring along mattress, sofa and cushion covers that will protect fabrics and inners from rain damage. You can give them a first wrapping yourself, to ensure greater protection.

Pillows and cushions can be well protected by putting them in plastic bags and sealing these thoroughly with broad bands of packaging tape.

Taking these precautions and others in advance will keep you smiling as you move to your new home with a sense of confidence in the safety of your possessions.

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