What is the Future of Data Science?

Data Science

Data Science is an umbrella term dealing with the extraction, storage, management, and analysis of enormous data sets. The process incorporates different Big Data concepts, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and a lot more. It has turned out to be a savior in the last few years when it comes to data analysis and decision-making, and this, in turn, has increased the demand for professionals in this field by many-fold.

In India itself, Data Science jobs are expected to go from 62,793 in 2020 to 1,37,630 in 2025, as predicted by Analytics Insight. It was named the fastest-growing job in 2017 LinkedIn and Glassdoor named Data Science as the best job for four consecutive years. Not just this, the Harvard Business Review went on to declare Data Science as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.

So if you are someone who plans to pursue a career in this field, there is tremendous scope in both India and Abroad. Many colleges in India offer Data Science certification courses. In the case of Abroad, there is an increasing trend among students for Data Science Course South Africa. In addition to this, some other good countries are the USA, UK and New Zealand.

The Data Science sector has not been affected even by the COVID-19 pandemic, and instead, it has got a boost. Scientists are conducting extensive research on virus strains and vaccine development, and all of this is based on Data Science methodologies.

What Exactly is Data Science?

Data Science involves the extracting information from vast data sets, analyzing the information, and converting it into solutions. The solutions can be used to advance businesses and tackle the socio-economic and environmental problems faced by nations.

It is an amalgamation of various concepts including, but not limited to:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Algorithms
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistics
  • Data Mining

Data Science, today, is being used in almost every sector. From different OTT platforms like Netflix to E-commerce websites like Amazon, nearly every agency and organization relies on Data Analysis today to find the swiftest way to conduct their business.

Data Science has also proved to be a lot helpful in the Healthcare sector. During the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, scientists used analysis to find trends in the spread of the disease and detect which age groups were affected most and which medicines were working.

What are the Data Science Jobs and Career Prospects?

Since Data Science is an interdisciplinary stream, it brings along a lot of sophisticated career options. Data Scientists are counted among the highest-paid professionals in not just India but worldwide. The average starting salary in India is currently INR 8,22,722, as mentioned by PayScale.

The topmost profitable sectors engaged in data analysis are:

  • Healthcare
  • E-Commerce
  • Transport

These sectors deal with big chunks of data daily, which are used to find solutions for different purposes. However, the scope of a Data Scientist is not limited to only these sectors.

Some of the top job roles along with their salary are mentioned in this table.

Job Role Average Salary Package
Data Scientist INR 8,22,722
Machine Learning Engineer INR 7,01,354
Applications Architect INR 19,30,184
Data Architect INR 19,80,204
Data Engineer INR 8,38,755
Statistician INR 5,34,000
Data Analyst INR 4,38,398
Actuarial Scientist INR 10,17,365

Data Science Recruiters in India

Some of the top companies offering jobs in Data Science include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, LinkedIn, IBM, Accenture.

In addition to this, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder also offer many jobs in this field.

Data Scientists are also hired by firms like Morgan Stanley, McKinsey&Company, RBS Bank, Bain & Company, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

What are the Skills Required for a Data Science Job?

Though the Data Science sector is booming, there is a shortage of professionals who can perform the tasks required from a Data Scientist. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you possess specific prerequisite skills which an employer looks for.

In addition to basic data analysis, Data Science aspirants should also have knowledge related to the following.

  • Advanced Mathematics: A good grasp of Statistics, Calculus, Algebra, and other core Mathematics concepts is essential in this field. Knowledge of Maths helps in choosing the best algorithms, which helps in getting accurate predictions.
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing allows a data user to locate and access different servers, databases, and existing data analytics. If not for cloud computing, researchers would have to store all the data locally. Each time they had to perform an analysis, they would first require to transfer the data from the central server.
  • DevOps: DevOps’ knowledge helps you make teams that can work from different locations on different sets and subsets of data. It opens the door for freelancers, experts, and other invited professionals to participate in the project. It constructs a structured way of development, from the creation of code to the final deployment.

Often it is noticed that knowledge of broad Data Science concepts alone is not enough for candidates to excel in this field. Therefore, it is recommended to know basic programming languages, utilities, and services like Python, Java, Hadoop, Pig, etc.

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Which Course is Best for Data Science?

Data Science courses are offered by numerous websites and many colleges also, in both offline and online modes. The most popular and best way to learn Data Science is through online certificate courses. Many websites also offer free online certificate courses in Data Science.

Some of the top online Data Science courses and their duration and fees are given in the table below.

Course Name Duration Fees
IBM Data Science Professional Certification 10 months INR 2,912
Applied Data Science with Python 5 months Free
Amazon AWS Big Data Certification 170 minutes INR 22,500
Elements of Data Science 6 months INR 47,998

Many of these certificates are offered by top companies like IBM, Amazon AWS, etc. Some of them are also offered by reputed colleges and universities like Harvard University, Chicago University, University of Pennsylvania, etc.

Online certificates can be completed from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. So if you have finally made up your mind to go for a Data Science course, do not delay as the industry is waiting for you.

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